Philip & Lisa

Philip & Lisa

African Relish is the love-child of Cape Town entrepreneurs Philip and Lisa Key. Their love of food and travel found its expression in a Karoo cooking school that explores the culinary and cultural heritage of South Africa.


Virna van der Walt has been with African Relish since the earliest days. The culinary hall had not yet been built when she began working on administering and marketing the school.


Hess Bezuidenhout and Madri Rossouw run day to day operations including reservations and coordinating cooking classes and events. Hess manages all the administrative duties and Madri with her flair for flower decorating and baking, creates friendly dining and accommodation experiences at African Relish.

Our chefs

Our local chefs, some of whom started at African Relish as trainees run the majority of the cooking classes making them true, local experiences. Our resident chef Shane Jacobs have been with us for over six years and manages our Cafe and Events with true Karoo flair. Hendry Olivier was trained by culinary crusader Bokkie Botha and was a popular Kokkededoor contestant.


Shamiela Petersen and Sarah Lottering double-up as housekeepers, floral arrangers, confectioners and chefs assistants.