African Relish comprises Langhuis which is the original 19th century building, the contemporary culinary hall built in 2009, the olive grove and vegetable garden.   Sympathetic to the design elements of vernacular Karoo architecture, the school serves as kitchen, classroom, dining area and lounge.  An olive orchard and herb garden provide a backdrop for the many functions hosted at African Relish and supported by the school staff.   The venue has attracted many compliments for its aesthetically pleasing environment where our guests spend the most part of their culinary adventures


The Langhuis is 200 years old.  Originally two buildings with a common “solder”, it now makes up The African Relish Café, the office and laundry.

The Culinary Hall

The culinary hall where the cooking classes take place was built in 2009.  It was designed by Tony Abate of Team Architects. Working together with the SA Heritage Society he delivered a beautiful building in sympathy with the Karoo vernacular and efficient in its application as a cooking venue.

Owner of the now famous Hemelhuijs restaurant in Cape Town, Jacques Erasmus together with Lisa Key was responsible for the interior design and kitchen layouts. Jacques often returns to hold classes and his sauce making and Flavours of the East are well attended.

Culinary Hall

The Garden

The cooking school flower beds were established by local resident Ann Carr, these along with our seasonal vegetable and herb gardens are maintained by our local team and nourished by the perennial stream that runs in canals through the town. Together with produce from various town residents, we are assured of an abundance of fruit and vegetables throughout the year. Our cottage Akkedis boasts a beautiful Karoo succulent garden.