Foraging the Karoo veld, the dairy and our gardens

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One of the new activities we have added to our schedule is a foraging excursion with photographer and local guide Gita Claasen.

This post is written by Gita. It outlines the edible landscape that was foraged and the accompanying menu from the cooking class.

Foraging in the Karoo

“We left early in the morning after coffee and rusks at African Relish, to a farm just outside of town (Scholtzkloof). There, local farmer Andre de Wit kindly lets us forage on his land. We found Bloubos laden with ripe berries near a stand of Vachellia Karroo. Here there is also an abundance of edible tree resin. 

In a nearby field we found hondepisbos/brakbos and t’sammas. Finally in the kloof on the farm we picked wild sage and the fragrant wild mountain geranium, with which we later made panna cotta.  

On the way back we stopped to find some Anchor Karoo. Just outside of town we picked Spekboom leaves, while in town along the water furrow, we picked wild mint (Mentha longifolia).”

In town

“We experienced a delicious cheese tasting at Gays Guernsey Dairy and also collected the lamb’s rib and cream for the cooking class at African Relish. 

Included in the foraging tour is a tasting at Soet Karoo, a quaint vineyard on one hectare of land off the main road of Prince Albert, finally we picked quince, ripe nastergal berries and herbs in the cooking school gardens used to flavour the lamb.” 

Foraged plants list

  • Boomgom from vachellia karroo (tree gum)
  • Bloubosbessiediospyros lycioides – star apples
  • Hondepisbos / Brakbosexomis microphylla
  • T ‘samma melon – citrullus lanatus
  • Balderja – wild mint – menthe longifolia
  • Nastergal berries (only use ripe berries under instruction) – solanum nigrum 
  • Kapokbos – wild rosemary – eriocephalus africanus
  • Bergsalie – mountain sage – buddleia salviifolia
  • Wild fragrant geranium
  • Soutslaai / Brakslaai – ice plant – mesembryanthenum guerichianum
  • Ankerkaroo – anchor karoo – pentzia incana
  • Spekboomportulacaria afra

On the menu

See how these plants were used in the kitchen with our Chef Camilla  after the tour and then enjoyed in a delicious meal.

  • Iced honey bush tea infused with wild honey and lemongrass
  • Smoked kudu fillet with kapokbos, pomegranates, spekboom and hondepisbos
  • Lambs ribbetjie with quince and SoetKaroo
  • Aubergine and wild basil salad
  • Creamy samp with Gay’s cream
  • Panna cotta infused with rose pelargonium and wild honey. Served with Adam’s Figs and a nastergal and bloubosbessie coulis

See you in the veld or see you in the kitchen, if you would like to book this excursion follow this link

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