Local is lekker, Kudu kebabs & Malva pudding

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Over the last week chef Jaco has had a dedicated student immersing himself in a variety of cooking classes. Reuben Pohl is based in Gauteng, recently married and excited to increase his knowledge and passion for cooking, he is staying with us in the Karoo for a couple of weeks. What we love about our classes is the ability to add on a full experience, whether a visit to the olive oil press and a tasting, an introduction to wines of the Karoo region or a visit to the Guernsey dairy, and sourcing fresh produce through farmers and growers in town and surrounds. Reuben has spent time getting to know our suppliers and more about the provenance of our Karoo ingredients.  Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.01.01 PM20160220_160902On Saturday a group joined Reuben and did the Cooking In The Karoo course using various local products in class, cooking and prepping for an evening braai. The meat side of the menu included tender Kudu loin, Karoo lamb chops and ribs. Vegetables from Doc Reinders vegetable garden; beetroot and soft fresh green beans. And not to be left off a traditional menu puffy pumpkin fritters and Bobotie samoosas.IMG_20160220_181615  From Gay’s dairy milk and cream for a Malva pudding that includes apricot jam homemade by Virna, a recipe requested by a Canadian visitor. Marinades and sauces with herbs from the garden. Using a sourdough starter that has been bubbling in our kitchen for a while the class also learnt to make an airy and light ciabatta.  IMG_20160220_181605

Recipe for Karoo Kebabs. We used the Kudu cut into cubes. The marinade ingredients: Apricot jam, Worcestershire sauce, 3 garlic cloves, soya sauce, and brown sugar. Mix equal tablespoons together enough to cover the cubes of meat. Soak skewer sticks. When ready to braai, skewer meat with dried apricots and chunks of onion. Grill or braai.

20160220_154224Book a class with us and join us to learn the secrets of our Malva pudding and pumpkin fritters. IMG_20160220_184725#cookandstay



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