Mid summer winners and recipe.

Journal & Recipes

Reflecting and looking forward.

In amongst the hustle and bustle of the cooking school and restaurant over the summer holidays and busy new year we still managed to reflect on the last year. To remind ourselves of our Karoo culinary adventure we started almost ten years ago and what it means to us.

A celebration of local produce.

A recognition of the importance of food in our social environment.

On experimenting with ingredients and flavours

In keeping it simple and enjoying cooking.

With an emphasis on fun.

Our wishes for 2018

  • To keep our focus and passion.
  • Stay true to the origin of our food. 
  • Applaud and rejoice our farmers and suppliers 
  • Bring more guests to the cooking school and restaurant. 
  • Keep having fun.
  • Publish our first cookbook and open a deli and wine bar on our premises.

What’s News

African Relish Cooking School was acknowledged as a winner in the category Best Cooking School in the recent Food Trekking Awards 2018 organised through The World Food Travel Association. This award is an inspiring accolade and recognition by our international colleagues. Congratulations to the team.

We recently enjoyed sharing our new cooking course Kitchen Confidential  with 3 generations of family from Durban. Chef Camilla introduced the class to seasonal and local ingredients.

This was the course: Potato Bread, Calamari Stew, Slow braised shoulder of lamb, Smoked aubergine, Cumin Carrots,  Festive Pavlova, and Lemon Curd.

The class partake in the prep of Camilla’s restaurant cooking dishes from the menu; learning the secrets of the chef, and finding out more about plating before sitting down themselves to a well-deserved meal in the restaurant.

Recipe for Slow braised shoulder of lamb


1 boned shoulder of lamb.

30 ml olive oil.

1 pickled lemon.

6 bay leaves.

Salt and pepper.

15ml fennel seeds.

500ml white wine.


Season lamb, then brown in olive oil on both sides. Set aside.

Fry pickled lemon, fennel and bay leaves to release the aromatics.

Deglaze pan with wine, pour over shoulder of lamb and cover with foil.

Roast until meat falls of the bone 150 – 180 C for 2 hours.

Karen Dudley in our Kitchen. Book here. 

We feel privileged and really pleased with ourselves that we have managed to secure a huge foodie hero of ours to come to the school and give a course. We will be celebrating Easter this year with Karen Dudley, who will be sharing her best dishes and recipes in a long weekend MasterClass. 6 spots available as this blog was posted.

Tuk Tuk

Seen around town, our bright yellow Tuk Tuk – carrier of staff, clients and anything in-between. A souped up scooter to accompany guests on our Foodie Tour of town or a Foraging adventure.

 What’s cooking

We’re looking forward to planning a productive year with the refurbishment of the Langhuis to include a Wine Shop & Deli. And Russel Wasserfall will be photographing and producing our first cookbook to celebrate 10 years of African Relish with our delightful and delicious Chef Camilla.

See you in the kitchen.

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