30 April

R295 pp

Cape Malays are colourful people, this is not only reflective in their attire and homes but also in the way they cook.

We take you on a journey through the aromatic spectrum of blending and tempering and let you in on some deep and exotic secrets. Discover the subtleties and balance of spices and the art of combining and blending. Blend and grind you very own garam masala and learn how to make the fool-proof Cape Malay curry base by using cumin, masala, fennel, coriander and crushed chilli into a saucy onion base.

Once a month, we’ll be offering a “one skill’ or “one technique” course on the last Thursday of every month. Join us in the African Relish kitchen for a short cooking class and lots of fun.

Class starts at 17:30 till 19:30. Drinks can be ordered from our wine list.  Coffee and tea will be served.

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