African Relish - sauces


27 June


So let’s get Saucy! Any chef worth their salt will agree that a good sauce makes a meal by integrating flavours and complementing the marriage of tastes. It is the messenger of umami. Shake off your fear of sauce making. Learn the basics and understand the fundamentals to open a whole new culinary world to impress your friends and family with your new found repertoire.

Once a month, we’ll be offering a “one skill’ or “one technique” course to get a bunch of local cooks and last minute visitors in our kitchen.

The classes start at 5:30 pm and end around 7:30 pm.

For bookings contact Melinda on 023 5411381 or

Maximum 14 pax.  Please book early to secure your space.

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For more information about this course, send us a message.