28 May

R295 pp

The essence of Italian cuisine is founded in abundance and generosity. Using our abundance of local produce, with big bold and warm flavours, we cook contemporary Italian which also reflect our Karoo environment and the spirit of generosity that is South African.

Once a month, we’ll be offering a “one skill’ or “one technique” course to get a bunch of local cooks and last minute visitors in our kitchen. Drinks can be ordered from our wine list.  Coffee and tea will be served.

We will be rolling, folding and filling ravioli and tortellini served with typical Italian sauces.

The classes start at 5:30 pm and end around 7:30 pm.

For bookings contact Melinda on 023 5411381 or

Maximum 14 pax.  Please book early to secure your space.

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For more information about this course, send us a message.