Watch this space. The Bard Garden.


Breaking ground, the beginnings of a sustainable fork to fork project.

We are preparing the land for The Bard Garden. What was once lawn will become a 10 x 15m organic potager garden. The garden is based on permaculture principles and agro-ecological growing techniques. Devised by Brett Bard, the design concept is taken from The Golden Ratio. The potager will be constructed along a spiral path focus with elongated beds and paths radiating outwards within the rectangle. Being vegan and an animal rights activist Brett celebrates the joys of plant-based living, and is well known for the abundance of gourmet vegetables that emanate from his permaculture farm, Tortoiseback, a green paradise in the Karoo.

Flowers, herbs and vegetables.

The Bard Garden we are creating in the African Relish grounds will be bordered by natural river stones from the area, and will comprise a harmonious matrix of vegetables, flowers, and various annual and perennial herbs such as basil, parsley, chamomile, angelica, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, chives, mint, tansy, tarragon, stinging nettle, lemon verbena, borage, bay and more.

The heirloom vegetables to be used in the cooking school and Chef’s Café will include a fantastic array of seasonal produce including Jerusalem artichokes, turnip, pak choi, cardoon, sweetcorn, shallot, garlic, fennel, leek and more. Fruit to be harvested will include strawberry, gooseberry and passion fruit. Bright flowers for bees and butterflies: sunflower, zinnia, larkspur, carnation, leonotis, marigold, yarrow, rose, sweet william, and jasmine. 

Beyond the Golden Rectangle will be a circular ‘keyhole’ bed for the large and unruly types such as baby marrow, pumpkins and squash, interspersed with their companions beans and maize.

Brett is involved in the creation, training and regular lessons in soil fertility, and managing of the garden.

We will be planting the first seeds and seedlings by the end of August. With irrigation from our lei water we hope to begin harvesting the first crops at the beginning of Summer. Watch out for some delicious new recipes in the cooking school and dishes on the Chef’s Café menu. The deli will also sell seasonal fresh produce. See you in the garden.


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