We celebrate all that is fresh and local

Journal & Recipes

This is what African Relish thrives on, local, fresh, often organic and seasonal produce from Prince Albert and Karoo environs. We use the ingredients in our open evenings and events catering and they are the core of our cooking courses.

Local Produce

Here is a tasty sample of these abundant goods. The Adam’s figs from Weltevrede Farm, used fresh, preserved or dried African Relish has a lengthy ‘how to’ list and recipes for these delicious figs in dishes and baking. Gay’s award-winning cheeses from the local dairy line our pantry shelves, especially used in our well known 3 cheese souffle. Kudu Salami from the local butcher has proved a winning combination in salads and platters. Numerous extensive and boutique olive orchards line the town and countryside with their graceful trees, the olive crop providing variants of bottled olives and crisp green olive oil. Favourites include the award winning Prince Albert Olive Oil, renowned for it’s delicate flavor. To be sure jars and bottles groan on our culinary hall shelves and are used daily.

Grapes in expansive vineyards are blended into fine Bergwater wines and the smallest vineyard of one hectare in the main road with its own cellar is the Soet Karoo Wine Estate. Seasonal ‘witblits’ is distilled behind the towns museum in an original still.

 Besides using all these products at African Relish the estates welcome our students and guests for lectures; help during harvest time, blending and bottling your own wines or pressing your own olive oils and the obvious tastings and pairings. Numerous fields and vegetable gardens abound with seasonal fruit and colourful produce. Doc Reinders grows the most fantastic range of organic and heirloom vegetables in town.  At African Relish we are also cultivating indigenous and edible plants and herbs with a culinary history traced back to the Khoi-Khoin. We celebrate these lesser known ingredients in upcoming courses to be held… All this plus succulent Karoo lamb and local venison! Truly a Foodie heaven.

Come feast with us

If you are not eating your own delicious cooked prepared in class, various restaurants in Prince Albert are open in town. Jeremy Freemantle has opened a local deli The Real Food Company in the National Centre that provides ingredients, charcuterie & a tapas bar.