African Relish Foraging Excursions

Learn to forage in the Karoo and cook with wild ingredients. Take a walk on the wildside!

 African Relish Foodie Tour

Join a small group for a friendly and exclusive guided tour of the culinary food producers in the town of Prince Albert.

Kitchen Confidential

Join Eat Out award-winning chef Camilla Comins and her brigade at African Relish for a unique cooking experience. Work with her in the kitchen to learn the techniques, recipes and tricks of the trade in real restaurant conditions.

Taste India

Explore the spicy side of the Karoo with our taste bud tantalising cooking course where we focus on the use of quality local products in combination with fragrant herbs and our own tempered spices to create a truly authentic Indian culinary experience.

Mastering Pastry

Pastry making is sometimes perceived as difficult, impossible and many suffer from fear of failure when attempting to make it. This course must be booked 2 days in advance.

Contemporary Italian

“Italians just want to welcome people by sharing what they have, however simple, in abundance. An Italian’s role in life is to feed people. A lot. We can’t help it.” (Giorgio Locatelli)

Mastering Bread

At African Relish we will teach you how to bake bread in a built-in wood fired oven as well as a domestic oven. This course is only available as a full day class.